The best way to freeze ground beef

Always one to save money when possible, I have quickly learned that buying meat in bulk, whether at Costco or on sale at the grocery store, is going to save me a lot of money Buying the meat is just half the work involved though – I still have to freeze it in smaller portions for later use. A recent trip was six pounds of ground beef, but I had no worries – I have a very simple, easy, and smart method to freeze ground beef, so it was sorted and frozen in no time.

The best way to freeze ground meat from https://www.janus-lane.comAll I needed were Ziplock bags for the freezer. I use quart-sized bags since I’m rarely cooking for more than three people, and I’ve found that one-pound servings fit perfectly in the quart-sized bags.

I place the raw beef into a bag, use my kitchen scale to ensure it’s one pound (I eyeballed it before buying a scale), and then flatten the beef before sealing it.

The best way to freeze ground meat from https://www.janus-lane.comFlattening the beef helps get excess air out of the bag in addition to ensuring that the meat thaws quickly and evenly when you are ready to use it. (“Stack of meat” is really not a phrase you hear often, now is it?)

I have never wrapped the meat in paper, and I’ve never had an issue with freezer burn. The meat takes up far less space in my freezer with this method, and it’s easy to see when I’m running low and need to make another trip to the store.

The best way to freeze ground meat from https://www.janus-lane.comI don’t know why flattening the raw beef didn’t occur to me until a couple of years ago. It’s pretty obvious now that you know, isn’t it?

What ways do you save money on meat?

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