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I’m mom to a pre-teen and two furbabies, and a native New Mexican recently transplanted to the Pacific Northwest. I spend most of my free time in the kitchen or the craft room or outside with camera in hand. I’m fueled by coffee and waffles.

I run the Facebook group, “I’m Not a Mommy Blogger,” for bloggers to connect with others who don’t focus solely on children and kid-related activities. My other blog, All the V’s, focuses on life in general and is where I let my inner sarcastic nerd run free.

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    Hi Janus, I tried to leave a comment on your DIY Hobby Lobby Inspired Artwork but kept getting a 404 page error. Here is my comment

    I adore this craft! I can’t believe I had a wavy ruler in my throw out pile. I have now removed it and will be using it to make something similar to your artwork. Great job! This post will be featured as my pick this week for the #mum-bomonday & #nannaswisdom link up party. Thanks so much for linking up and we hope to see you again!

    • Steph

      I’ll check my comment settings, something is probably screwy with it. Thanks for letting me know and thank you so much for the feature!

Best Backpacks Vacuum Cleaners

What you don’t know about vacuum cleaners

What else can keep your room floor sparkling clean if not vacuum cleaners? Of course, they are so effective in cleaning, that even the tiniest hair-like particles are picked up instantly. Not that they only super-clean your room; they save you from stress and make you keep to time. You won’t spend the whole day doing a thorough cleaning.

Despite their mind-blowing cleaning ability, they’re metals weighing in multi-kilograms. That’s why some of them are not carried about while cleaning. This is one of the cons that discredit them from being portable. However, with the rise of innovations, a generation of vacuum cleaners with more pros than cons have already flooded the market to help both domestic and commercial users work with much ease. Their portability is no longer in question because most of them are light-weighted and can be carried about while cleaning.

Still on their pros; they come with backpacks so that you can carry it about. Don’t worry about the stress of weight, they’re light and portable.

Here are a few things you should know about backpack vacuum cleaners before you make your best selection out there.  Let’s begin:

#1 HEPA filtration

There is nothing as cozy as a room with fresh air, charming-neatness and no odor. That’s why you have to go for the best backpack vacuum cleaners with HEPA filtration system. High-Efficiency Particulate Air filtration system removes microscopic particulates and leftover odors, thereby keeping a cleaner air good even for your body system.

#2 Get Essential Accessories and Attachment

Go for backpack vacuum cleaners that are flexible and extensible. These ones are compatible with important accessories and attachments. With the accessories, vacuum cleaners become extensible, performing different jobs such as cleaning different floor surfaces and even reaching the ceiling to clean it.

#3 Is it bagged?

Before you lay your hands on a new backpack vacuum cleaner, you’ll have to decide whether to go for the backpack bagged or bag-less ones.  Either of them has pros and cons. If you will opt for bagged cleaners, get ready to spend on vacuum bags. They are pretty expensive, and they are not eco-friendly. However, backpacked vacuum cleaners have excellent ability to trap dust and debris and you don’t need filter maintenance.

Aside from the aforementioned details, bag-less cleaners are an alternative choice if you have planned to spend little. It’s really cost-effective because you don’t have to buy vacuum bags. At the other hand, you just have to be cleaning the filters for optimum performance. So get ready, to keeping replacing the filter periodically.


There are more to what you ought to know about vacuum cleaners, and there are new generations of them that will still hit the market. But for now; we have a download of suitable durable vacuum backpacks that are higher than other backpacked cleaners in the scale of quality.

See best backpack vacuum cleaners that are functionally versatile and make your choice today.